My husband and I have owned a small business or been self-employed or both over the last 17 years. While we enjoyed our clients and providing business services, we did not enjoy accounting, bookkeeping and tax filings AND we needed access to tax and accounting advice as our business grew.

As small business owners, it can be a challenge to find and accountant who will be the right fit. But we found Natasha and now we have a resource that allows us to focus on our clients and grow our business. She has been our solution for all of our accounting and tax needs. Within two weeks Natasha recommended tax strategies that saved us a considerable amount of money that we did not even know we could save.

Natasha is always professional and ready with a quick and thorough response to questions She is knowledgeable, proactive and always professional. The combination of expertise, client service and value is second to none. If you are looking for a firm to help you navigate the next phase of your business growth, we highly recommend Natasha.

N&N Seavers

Redman Consulting LLC

My goodness working with Natasha is literally a breath of fresh air. Every time tax time would come around or my former CPA would call I would actually lose a breath or anxiety would creep in knowing that good news is not coming. It was like I was working to pay taxes and I started to lose momentum and energy. However working with Natasha and her company I know what to expect and I’m also learning to implement strategies to LEGALLY reduce my tax liability and use profits to further my business and the quality of life. Knowledge is power, she has the knowledge to give you the power to flourish.


President at Justus Corporation

I have worked with Natasha for our small business tax planning needs and CFO service…. For tax preparation and planning, Natasha is thorough and extremely reliable. She stays up to date with all tax laws and codes and is an expert in proactive tax reduction strategies. Before working with Natasha, I did not have a reliable source for staying up to date on tax laws and the effect on my business. Since we hired Natasha, we know that she has our best interest in mind and keeps us informed on changes that are relevant to our tax situation. There is value and security in knowing that our taxes will be prepared correctly and in a timely manner and that my questions will be answered. Tax time is much less stressful as we work together throughout the year to be prepared. I also find it helpful to discuss financial trends and reports with Natasha and receive her input. She helps our business to set goals and be as financially healthy as we can be. Natasha is passionate about what she does and that makes her enjoyable to work with as well! I highly recommend Auxilium Accounting Services for small business tax planning and accounting needs.

Chris & Lena McNally

Owners- HIVEX Basement Finishing Co.

Before working with Natasha, my business had great bookkeeping, but I didn't have the tools to see the numbers on a bigger scale. With Natasha's help I feel so much more confident in pinpointing areas in which we need to adjust our business to maximize profits. In addition, having Natasha's expertise in tax strategies and savings has been hugely beneficial. She has helped us save thousands of dollars in taxes over the last couple years. I no longer worry at all about our business finances because I know that in talking with Natasha throughout the year, I have all of the information that I need to make great business financial decisions. Natasha is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and passionate about what she does. She is beyond valuable and any business owner should jump at the chance to work with her.

Danilo & Alona Orofino

Owners- Orofino Restaurant.